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Branding & Identity

From small start-ups and independent restaurants to nonprofits and powerhouses in the healthcare, real estate, legal, corporate, and commercial sectors, we manage branding engagements in a spirited yet strategic way. Key to each endeavor: Distilling the singular brand promise. From there—and through a uniquely collaborative process—we deliver what clients need to establish their identity and reinforce their relevance.

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With much competition for cultural and consumer attention, it’s crucial to clearly communicate capabilities and mission, to tell stories that matter, and to make a case that resonates. Clients turn to Delevante for tools that work. Tools that inform. That inspire. That prompt action. All achieved with the right mix of elements—including photography, design, copywriting, print and delivery methods—that serve each client’s purpose and make an impact on the intended audiences.

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We often ask, “How would we communicate this on a billboard?” It’s a question that gets to the essential words and imagery that translate in the blink of an eye. Delevante designs outdoor advertising to reinforce a key message within a comprehensive campaign, always aiming to rise above the many messages, pleas, charges, and invitations lining streets and interstates, on buses and benches, and in airport corridors and more.

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Print Advertising

Print is dead? Don’t believe it. At Delevante, we approach print advertising with a fresh perspective. We appreciate the tangible, tactile experience and strive to make the most out of that interaction. Our team manages local campaigns, industry trade placements, and regional and national magazine advertising for a variety of clients, with strategic collaboration and thoughtful messaging and graphics driving the creative.

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Web Interactive

It should go without saying: The design demands and the functional capabilities of web-based communications are constantly evolving. And so, Delevante’s team is constantly learning and responding. We excel at creating clients’ online identity, presence, and power. And we strive to create intuitive experiences for their users – to satisfy their needs and curiosities and to compel them to act.

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Delevante leverages partnerships with production companies to ensure consistency of a client’s brand narrative across all platforms, including TV and video. We concept and storyboard. We write scripts and produce. We provide creative direction and assets for television commercials, web content, special event videos, fundraising support, and sales force tools.


“Delevante Creative is my team no matter where I work. I am a marketing strategist not a creative. Delevante’s ability to execute on my vision adds tremendous value to the organizations for which I work. I truly would be less effective at my job without them.”

– Kerry Price, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications Bass, Berry & Sims PLC



Delevante Creative


1203 Paris Ave #102
Nashville, TN 37212

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